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Matthew DiRoberto, November 16 2019

One Simple fix if you've run out of Facebook ads Accounts

So the other day I was kind of freaking out because I was trying to get another Facebook ads campaign started for a new client and got the message that "You've reached the maximum amount of ad accounts you can create at this time".  Damn it.  (See Below)

What was worse is that I was going to have to reach out Facebook directly to try and get a real answer.  If you're not spending millions of dollars a month on Facebook, good luck in getting an answer or one you event like.  You are able to hop on a chat with them if you do it during their live chat hours.  It took me about 30 mins waiting to chat to finally speak with someone.  Basically their recommendation was to create another Business Manager. (see below)  

That was not the answer I was looking for.  As I was sitting there looking at my ad accounts, I noticed that Facebook disabled a few.  This is because I set them up and was not using them so they just disable it.  Note going forward, don't set up an ad account unless you are going to use it because it will count against your ad accounts that you are allocated.  Also when on the chat I asked them to just enable the disabled account so I can use it.  I could hear the Facebook chat person laughing through the chat, no can do. So they were zero help to me.  As I was siting there staring at the 10 accounts I had, I noticed there were a couple others that I set up and never used, and they weren't disabled.  HHHHMMMMMMM I thought to myself, can I just change the name of the ad accounts to something else????  After a couple hour of trying to figure this out, was changing the name on the account the only thing I had to do.  DUH!  So here are the steps to changing your name on a facebook ad account.  It's super easy.

1.)  Log in to your business manager

2.)  Click on Business Settings

3.) Click on ad accounts in the left hand side column

4.)  Navigate to an account that you have set up that is working (preferably one that you are not using)

5.)  Click on that account and in the upper right hand corner you will see an edit button.  Click that.  That will bring up this dialog box.

6.)  Change the name of the account to something.  Hit save changes, and there you have it.

Written by

Matthew DiRoberto